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Stepping out of the Spiritual Closet

by Anita Pettersen

Do you have a coming out story? A time when you have declared difference from your family, peer group or community? A moment when you have risked not belonging because part of you was screaming that you just could not stay quiet for one more second? Becoming our true selves is a perpetual coming out journey, and there can be gut-punching moments of revealing ourselves that shift the course of our lives forever. These are acts of bravery. While sometimes taken as declarations of war, our challenge is to maintain our inner peace, strength and resolve, even if our coming out creates discomfort for others. As we walk the path of spiritual growth, our belief systems are ever-evolving and push us to live our truth. And keep pushing us to step out of the spiritual closet.

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Pedagogical relationship with Land through poetry and prose: Wénaxws (Respect) for Indigenous knowledges

by Anita Pettersen

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Anita Pettersen (2016) Pedagogical relationship with Land through poetry and prose: Wénaxws (Respect) for Indigenous knowledges, ​Journal of Childhoods and Pedagogies​, 1:1, 1-19, ISSN 2368-498X

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Published in the inaugural issue of Capilano University's new journal.

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the day I gave birth

In 2009 I had the opportunity to be published as a contributing author in a book called the day I gave birth. Edited by Tracy Houk, this collection of 45 positive-outcome birth stories highlights the dramatic ways that babies tend to come into the world:

“Created to help parents prepare for perhaps the most significant day of their lives, the day I gave birth provides fascinating stories of personal insight into the labour and delivery experiences of 45 women. This collection offers the reader wisdom and reflection, a few tears and countless laughs.” Tracy Houk

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Peer-reviewed journal article:

Angels: a bridge to a spiritual pedagogy?
by Anita Pettersen
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Anita Pettersen (2015) Angels: a bridge to a spiritual
pedagogy?, International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 20:3-4, 204-217, DOI: 10.1080/1364436X.2015.1115233

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Article also available in libraries worldwide -- particularly at those in educational institutions -- that subscribe to the Taylor and Francis' International Journal of Children's Spirituality . In the Vancouver, BC, Canada area the article is available in the libraries at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU), and through inter-library loan from Capilano University.