Endorsements of
​'Angels: a bridge to spiritual pedagogy?'
​by Anita Pettersen

"Thank you for your really beautiful, important, and tender article. It's really lovely and just the sort of work that's most important, in my mind, for the field and the culture. Way to go!"

~Tobin Hart, Ph.D., author of The Secret Spiritual World of Children

“Taking time to read your paper created a wonderful space to think and reflect on the spiritual. Thank you!...I like the way you open sections with quotes from the children, and your personal, reflective approach to your own being and childhood is really important too...Congratulations on its publication again, and I do hope that you continue to write. It is important for children to have their voices and experiences heard in this way.”

~Kate Adams, Ph.D., author of Unseen Worlds: Looking Through the Lens of Childhood